English is rich

Rich in words. But recently I have come across the fact that in the SH domain marketplace many dictionary words are not placed in the Real Word category. Most of these words are placed in the category One word. The last category is not needed. In general. All words that are not real, made up or misspelled words. For such words, there are already the categories Made-up, Blends and Alliteration. Therefore, it will be great if the One Word category will be abolished.
To the question of dictionaryy words. I found that vocabulary words like healthsome are positioned not as real. Of course, these words consist of two other words. But healthsome is a dictionary word that has a separate article in the dictionary. Therefore, this word should be in the Real Word category. Many domainers have been hunting for similar words for years and it’s a shame that they are not placed in the Real Word category. The more real domain words on the market, the better for the market. This indicates the prestige and richness of the choice of this domain marketplace. Many customers are looking for real words, but if these words are not placed in the appropriate category, customers will never be able to find them. I ask the SH team to think about it.