Ending Word Names

Hi folks.

Just wanted your thoughts on another irritation of mine.
Say its maximum 3 words and a company name. So its probably 3 words because of one or two ending words.
So if I have a good root word (or so I think). Do I submit root word and hope for results… Is it worth trying different combinations of end words, esp if you have limited entries. I can’t remember when I got feedback about ending words, so how do you know. I think the whole process should be about submitting quality entries based upon whatever.
So my suggestion is an option for CH for “preferred ending words” CH might say it depends on the root word. Fair enough, some end words sound a lot better with certain root words. Maybe 3 end words to work with. It might also cut down on “no thank you’s”
Anyway, don’t want to kick up a storm. Just a thought.


I agree, often times i think i have the right root word but not sure which if any ending they prefer, in most cases i end up only subbing one root stand alone name, and another with one of the possible endings, hoping for feedback and or ratings for more direction, My luck i think ill have the right word and sub all the variations only for the CH not to share the same Vision,
Long winded short story I couldn’t Agree more Hawkeye