Emails and 411, new feature?


Thank you Squadhelp! I’ve always opted for the notification emails, but had noticed things had changed up and certain information was being emailed to us, while other info was not. Or, at least I wasn’t getting all the notification emails I had received in the past. But now, I am getting New Contests are available links again ( with the breakdown of title, and amount of the contest ) and also and updated version if someone has made a comment on one of my entries! It is such an easier access and reminder of the opportunities of contests that I may have missed or may have overlooked. With almost 100 contests (" you have not yet participated in " ) I now feel I can have my fair shot at all that I am applicable for. So, thank you again Squadhelp for your fine tuning, attention to detail, and becoming more user friendly! We appreciate you! :grin:


it was way too many for me so I turned off all notifications


It does seem to be many emails so I delete once I try to put an entry in for the contests that I am interested in. But I feel it helps me to stay organized and know I am not missing out. I definitely have a separate folder in my mail for Squadhelp lol Folder Runnith Over :wink: