"Editor In Brief."

I had a couple observations re: some recent briefs:

  1. If an attachment is going to be part of a brief, I think it would be helpful either to have someone review the brief before it is posted to the site, or hold up on ratings until the attachment is visible. The real estate innovation contest started rating before we could see the attachment. I’m sure more entries would have been on track had we been able to see it.
  2. Is there a tactful way to help CHs reword in general? I’m thinking of the current contest directed at employment opportunities for “normal people.” Maybe someone could step in and suggest “typical audience,” etc.
  3. Just an observation: there’s been a lot of off-spelling in recent winners. “Morgage” etc. I don’t mean word blends like Mortgauge. I’m not saying that anything needs to be done, just pointing it out.

Good suggestions @auntshommy. Along those same lines, maybe there could be a ‘Waiting Period’ of say 3 hours allotted for discussions before a contest is finally started.