Editing your entries after submission

I need to know if there is anyway to edit after you have submitted a entry . I recently entered a contest and then seen a message from the contest holder that was making curative a aware of a differance in the spelling of a word . I’d like to change it but I’m not sure how . Do you have to enter the contest again ? Can the contest holder change your submission if need be for spelling errors ? If we spell a word one way here in the states and the other country spells it differently , and the entry has already been submitted what can be done to fix it ?

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You cannot edit an entry and neither can a CH. You have to withdraw/delete entry and re-submit.

How do I go about that process ? I don’t see where to find my entries let alone where it says to delete or with draw

Click on the contest, then select the entry tab. There your entries will appear and use the action tab to make changes.

Actually, u will find an ‘edit’ tab at the bottom of your text. Click here, edit, then update.

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