EDITing Entries?

Is there a way to edit an entry without deleting and reentering… Or is there a way to enter another comment on a submitted entry? Thanks!

Nope.Have to delete and reenter.There are past posts talking about this, and asking if there can be a way to edit without deleting…but so far there isn’t. Not sure about if you can enter more than one comment unless the CH has commented on your comment…

Yep, Holly is right, you have to delete and reenter. I have commented twice on my entries, it doesn’t require a CH comment…It shows as two comments, you can’t edit the original one,

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How do CH view the comment box?
If they dismissed the name isn’t a comment also going to be dismissed ( I don’t read an article if I don’t like the head line)

@Demiurge, in above situation (when CH has not liked a name), we recommend not commenting on the original name again. You can submit a new entry, and include your comment with that name. If you comment on the original name, it is possible that the CH might miss it because the entry is already hidden from their view.

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@dan you say hidden from view what does that mean , is it deleted from their view or can they recall it, I’m trying to get a better understanding of the process so I can get into the mind of a CH and give better suggestions.

…they all have different minds :wink:

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That’s for sure @Jose

@Demiurge, the low rated entries are hidden from their view so they can focus on other entries which are higher rated or non rated. They can always select a filter to see all low rated submissions. The only entries they can not recall are the ones which have been explicitly withdrawn by the contestants.


If the CH has already rated my entry as a NoThank You, does it do me any good to withdraw that entry? Once they rate your submission, there’s no way to remove those negative points, is there?

Can’t remove negative points (as it is extremely rare that they change their minds on “no thank you’s”)
But if you remove those, it gives you a chance to enter new ideas if you have no more entries available.