Editing Entries


I know we’ve discussed this in the past, but I would like to revisit it. Was there any more thought about the ability to edit names after they have been submitted? I’m sure others, like myself, have entered a name only then to realize there was a spelling error, or an extra letter (like ‘s’ at the end) that needed to be corrected. These would be names that have not been rated

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We believe editing an already submitted entry would lead to confusion. The contest holders may not realize that the entry has been edited. Every time they log on, they focus on newly submitted entries, and they might miss seeing entries that have been edited after they last saw them. Therefore the cleanest way to handle such situations is to withdraw that entry and resubmit a new one with the corrected spelling.

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That makes sense but I believe I suggested we could only be able to edit entries that haven’t been seen when it was previously discussed. Is this a possiblity?

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@Chasity2ku, the “Seen” status is not very reliable - therefore, we can not use that for important rules such as this. We believe the cleanest method is to withdraw the entry and submit a new one in order to ensure it gets seen by the CH.

Yes that would’ve been my only concern as I’ve actually deleted unseen names only to see they’ve been rated. Thank you!


Yes, thanks for confirming that. Wasn’t sure. :+1:

I just checked one of my entries. It was “loved” by the CH but I noticed a very embarrassing misspelling. Simple mistake but if it’s an honest misspelling (of a real word), I think it should be editable.

I wrote LIFE instead of LIVE, which is repeated 3 times withing the tagline:
“Live_____. Live _____. Live _____.”

except the 1st Live is written LIFE. :scream: