Edit on name submission messages


I just noticed the new edit option on the message portion of the submission box, I have to say I really like and appreciate it. Much better than deleting the whole thing to change a word or an error and starting all over. Thanks!


Are you new to the site? Because it’s been there for quite an age now


Shanna is not new and it has not been there for very long. It was only available to Second messages on entries and not the first. But they have now made it that the message along with the entry can now be edited and this is indeed a new thing because it was not an ability to do a couple months ago. Because when I was last on before I took a small break for my schooling (was only gone two months) it was not able to be done. You had to delete your entry and redo it it just because you made a mistake in the description field. Now you can edit it without deleting everything. So no, this isn’t something that has been available for an age.

Further to note @Shanna, I love this too! Many of us have asked for this and it’s great that we finally can use it. So happy and appreciative of this. Now if we could only get to where line breaks would work so we can do two paragraphs in a desription, if need be, without it looking like a wall of text – it would be wonderful! :slight_smile:


I was wondering how long I had missed it, no I’m not new but apparently not paying attention either :upside_down_face:


Don’t worry, it’s not been around for long so you may have just missed it a couple of times since it was first implemented.


Oh ok that’s good to know, and I agree line breaks would be helpful, I can’t help but make a new paragraph even knowing that I am the only one who sees it.


Entries can be edited?


No entries can’t be edited. The “comments” for your entry can be edited.


Right. As Jackie said the ‘comments’ or 'description can be edited. Not the entry itself. Sorry, that was my fault for the way I phrased it. Just the comments/description, not the entry itself.



messages edited. I think its a great idea. Will help a lot