Early access ? is it the full amount you can enter

I think it must be written down somewhere but I cant find it .Is there a limit to how many entries people can have for early access or can you enter as many as you like .I have come across a couple of contests where the ch seems to have got bored and left before I get a chance to enter anything .
Usually there are almost 200 entries before the contest is open with some people entering up to 20 names .
Is that usual ? In a couple of contests my names have not been seen at all

The number of entries you can make varies. Starting out, you can only enter 5, and if you get a high rating ( like or love) your entry allowance for that contest goes up. Some creatives can enter up to 50 times, although I don’t think many do. If you run out of entries, you can always withdraw and resubmit different ones. I’m not aware of any overall limits for early entry contests. Some CHs never even look at submissions until the entry period ends, so don’t worry about that. Honestly though, less is more. The more entries you submit, the harder it is to keep your percentages high.

@CreativeJohnny…here’s a link to the entry breakdown. Maybe his will help you.

OOps… sorry…click on it and it will take you to the breakdown of entries allowed

wow thats a lot of entries 40 maximum lol, I thought 20 seemed a lot.I see I can use points to enter early if I want .So anyone can enter if they have points ! How confusing !

Be careful when using points to submit a name, you can run out of them very quickly


Yeah so if you’ve got an entry you’re confident nobody else will think of then just wait for early access to end. But, if you’ve thought of an entry that seems so obviously perfect that others may think of it too, then I’d spend the points and try to enter that idea ASAP!

Haha however there have been times I went to enter something I thought was just so darn original and creative that nobody else would think of it only to find somebody already entered it :confused:

But anytime I lose tier A status that’s the general rule I usually follow when deciding rather or not to spend points to enter.


Here are the rules that govern number of entries allowed in a contest:


There are no additional entry limits related to Early Access at this time.

However, it is always a recommended best practice to submit only a few thoughtful entries and then await feedback from the CH before submitting more entries. Also, submitting many generic names in rapid succession can be considered spamming a contest, which may result in disciplinary action.

This is an interesting point related to high submission volume within the first hours of a contest, and we will discuss it internally.


I think someone entered 20 names in the tanning contest while I was working out if I could enter it lol