Eagles Vs Patriots Whos Winning?

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Being A Philly Guy All My Life Go Birds!


I honestly can’t vote. .:laughing:I just like to watch a good game​:football::football:


I just like the commercials.


Yeah Jackie, I saw some clips of the upcoming SB commercials.Pretty interesting! Hey Seez fun poll, thanks for posting!


im a sports fan …just tennis and athletics :wink:


Aha I gets it!!!


Gotta say there is a nice quiet confidence about the city)


So Far the Eagles are Edging this one out!


Not a fan of either team, but I’ll root for anyone who plays against the Patriots :grin:

By the way, you’re all invited to my Annual Super Bowl Party on Sunday! :pizza:


The populous vote Wins, E A G L E S!


well done ! whoever they are :wink:


I’ll come for leftovers, Alwritey!!


After the amazing way they played and the post-game remarks by the Coach and Nick Foles, I am now a HUGE Eagles fan!!! :football:


Lots of Ribs, Buffalo Wings, Mac N Cheese, and Cupcakes left - Come on down! :poultry_leg: