Duplicate Names

Is there a way to alter this for your own names? Example: I want to use xxx name, but xxxs or xxxing is also something I want to submit, but duplicate name check won’t let me because it says there is already name close to it (mine). Does that make sense? I want to submit different versions of the same names of mine.Can it be fix to do so?

Good question! - But in the meantime, maybe check the domain availability on Who Is or GoDaddy, and if it’s available, enter it in the “Comments” section of your original entry (?)

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If its a name with domain contest…put your root name XXX as the name and then the varying XXXS, XXXT and so on as different domains. Click the red plus sign after you enter the first domain. A new domain entry should pop up. I believe you can put up to three domains in one entry. Now if the CH wants .com, .biz and .net to be available, that may pose a problem.


Hey @AlwriteyThen and @LisaMac,

Oh goodness I had forgotten about that option!