Duplicate Name Check

Was wondering if the duplicate name check could be improved. I don’t feel the same name should be able to be submitted by adding a s, es, co, etc. Just my opinion. How does everyone else feel about this?

Actually I think a name can be substabtially changed by adding prefixes and suffixes and it should be allowed to continue.

I am frustrated by not being able to see all names being submitted and what they were rated. How else are we to understand what direction the contest holder wants us to go in? I’d rather NOT submit names they already don’t seem to like, don’t want to use up my limited submissions and I’m sure they don’t want to read through hundreds that aren’t going to be suitable. If there is already a way to see these listed, I can’t find it. Would’ve some help on that.
Thank you, good luck to All :smile:

I understand what your saying but still feel the name should be protected as it’s easy enough for the CH to add an s or whatever if he/she chooses to do so. :slight_smile:

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I agree. I don’t like open contests at all. There are times when adding a “s” or other letters can be helpful, especially if the name is registered in a completely different field.

I don’t like open contests at all. And agree that adding an S or others can be helpful. Like Auntshommy said, names can be in completely other fields. Sometimes the Plural or singular emphasis makes more sense, depending on the idea, so both options should be there.

Also SeaSpray, not sure if you are aware (you said: don’t want to use up my limited submissions)
After you get rated and have low scores, you can delete your low score entries and enter new ones.

So if you spent a lot of time on a contest and entered bestbuy as just an example, you wouldn’t mind bestbuys winning? Or, do you go through your allotted entries submitting it both ways? Doesn’t make sense to me, sorry.

Of course I mind, that’s why I enter both ways. I have said “Dang It” numerous times. I have lost approx 20 contests by not adding the plural entry (or the singular). One letter makes a difference to the contest holder.

Same as if I entered HogsAndDogs and HogsNDogs, I enter both.
same as if I entered “Kicking and screaming” I also enter “Kickin and Screaming”.

But if both domains are available, I enter both. If the contest holder is buying only one domain, they will pick the EXACT entry they want. They don’t say I want “Stray Dog” but the contestant had “Stray Dogs”, so I’ll pick them any way, only to find that “Stray Dogs” is not an available domain.


Thank you Jackie! Just wanted other views on this.

I’ve also been on both sides of the winning and losing when it’s a one letter difference or a rearranged word. When I won with “Cyberlancers” last year, “Cyberlancer” singular was registered, but not the plural. Usually (NOT always) the domain registered first wins, or a similar one gets a bonus. But again, that doesn’t always happen.

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Hi, @Tammy-- @auntshommy & @jackieheraty are giving you great advice.
I’ve been waiting to say this: “Great minds think alike!”, and it IS competition/contests we are participating in, after all. So… I know I often enter a name that is “already entered” & I don’t feel like I have stolen it, (and have no idea of whom entered it or when it was submitted) but that it is just up to me to work on my idea to come up with a different slant- whatever that may be. I actually love the challenge of it to an extant. Ramps up the pressure- :smile:
Good Luck & Name On!!

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Right! And to add to all that, there’s a contest going on right now where I’ve tried to submit a number of entries that have already been submitted. My “tweaked” version could win, or more likely something that was submitted first. And the contest where contestants with “close” entries are getting bonuses. Etc. etc. etc. If you think of it and don’t submit it, there’s a reasonable chance someone else will.

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Thanks everyone. Some good points I never thought about.


Here’s another scenario, one of today’s winners was the same as mine except for another word tagged on the end of it. Mine was “On Point” in any case, the issue I have is not with that of the winning contestant…Congrats to Suzguy btw, but rather the Contest Holder.

On point was my first name submitted for that contest, and it only received a rating of 3 stars.
I didn’t delete it, though because it had not received at least a four I didn’t exactly pursue it, either.

It only demonstrates further that a little communication can go a loooooooong way.

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