Drop down menu categories


I’ve been having continuing problems with the drop down menu in “My Entries” under type of business. Categories keep disappearing! I can no longer search under “beauty & cosmetics,” “e-commerce” “retail” - these are some of my most active categories. I’ve continued to report it, and am told they will tell the team, but nothing is happening. I really rely on that option! Anyone else have that issue?


Hi @NameBlaze Yes, I did notice that the “beauty” category was missing when I was submitting a name to the marketplace. i’m sure it’s connected somehow - hopefully they’re working on it


Thanks, CRen, it’s good to know this isn’t specific to me, but I hope this fix it soon!


Hi All - Thank you for your patience with us as our technical team resolved this issue. It should now be fixed!




Beauty is still missing for me. Is it working for everyone else now?


Hi! No, it’s still not there on my end. @grant can you look into this for us? I don’t see it on the drop down menu when looking at new contest categories. I’m assuming it’s not there in the Marketplace menu either but I haven’t submitted a “beauty” name recently to the Marketplace. Thanks @wordLabyrinth :slight_smile:


Beauty & Cosmetics shows up on my list now.


It’s back on mine now :slight_smile:


It is back on mine too. Thanks SH for fixing it!


Didn’t there used to be a drop down for Finance too? I thought there was but I’m not seeing one now.


And “Food & Drink” is no longer there either.


@wordLabyrinth @jackieheraty

Thank you for letting us know. This should be fixed now.