Downturn in Domain Trade

As the big domain investors are complaining of downturn in domaining, what is happening to you? How many domains have you sold since January 2022? And please indicate how many domains you have, if you like, to make the situation easier to understand.
Also, what do you think is the future of the domain industry? Will this industry grow and domain investors will see good days or is there a chance of deficit? Actually, I want to invest more in domains, but I intend to focus only on SquadHelp and not buy the rest of the domain. If I acquire 200 SquadHelp seller owned names, will this be profitable for me? Or if I buy 200 domains out of SquadHelp (means not approved by SH but still they have good quality) will pthis be profitable for me?

Imo, Not this and neither that. I think your questions are not really what you need to become a successful domain investor or at least make a profit from investing in domain names.

It’s not about how many domains you buy and it doesn’t matter if they are SH approved or not. It’s about how much you know about domain names and how well you understand this business. When you know enough things will be easier for you and you may make good decisions on buying and selling domain names.

If you jump in without learning you’ll likely lose your money. Better learn before you invest, There’s plenty of helpful information on the internet, is a great place to start, Plenty of guides and articles that may give you a better idea.

Paid learning can be helpful as well. For me that would be

I hope you the best.

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Thanks for the comment! I’m already on namepros. The reason for asking the number of domains is that the situation cannot be clear without it, because the work of small investors may not have changed these days but big investors are complaining of downturn. And the question about SquadHelp domains and other domains I’ve asked for comparison, because when we look at brandable domains they are usually handpicked, they have no end-users at the moment, but other domains we buy with the end user in mind. Both my questions still need answers.

I’m not sure If I’m allowed to share external links here, But there’s a thread named " Are We In A Domain Name Market Downturn?" on NamePros.

Find it and it might be helpful to check a variety of opinions and info.

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