Double no thank yous

I am receiving double no thank yous now. @grant I know that in another string someone said the only no thank yous showing up in the feed are the ones with comments, too.

For the record, I prefer double loves. LOL.


Hopefully, they won’t count twice and reduce your rank.

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@Arnet, I am “fairly” sure they don’t. The way I understand how the scores are calculated, they are really only calculated on ratings that achieve points (everything above No thank you) AND relative to other creatives. This question has been asked many times and each time, the way I just described it is confirmed by SH. However, the way NoThankYous do impact your score is if you get a whole lot of no thanks compared to other creatives who are getting loves and likes by comparison. I hope this makes sense. You don’t “lose” score points from No Thanks, you just don’t “gain” score points against others who did.

Me too. I’ve been getting up to 4 no thank yous!

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I now have quadruple no thank you’s filling up my stream. It seems to be happening when the CH uses the new comment selection option. It’s really discouraging, too.

Same here. 4 …

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Yikes! - I just got 6 on the same entry. :hushed:

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I’ve had some triple no thank yous…now under all my activity feed entries, the date and time is showing up as Dec. 31, 1969…Time warp!


@grant @Darpan

As previously mentioned, I forget where, I am not seeing any ‘no thank you’ ratings in my activity feed or ‘bell’ or whatever you want to call it – unless it has been given a ‘further insight’ choice. Can this be fixed? I would like to be able to keep track of ALL of my entries (no matter their rating or if they have additional insight or not). With the way it is now, it’s making the process of checking on contests and entries too long and involved. Can we make these visible again somehow, whether the CH has chosen to give further insight with that insight selection process or not? Please?