Don't know if there's a thread already

@Dan On a few occasions lately…I have had my names double post.If I catch it, then I delete one.However, a few times I have missed it, and when the CH rejects it, they reject it twice.So am I being double penalized for it,when it’s the same name? thanks~

@hollygirl, if they were posted as two separate entries, then yes, they would be counted twice in calculation of stats.

It happened to me too, single entry ones - being rated twice.

How do we stop entries from double posting then,please? It’s kinda crummy to be dinged twice for the same entry. It won’t do it for awhile, then suddenly will double post and I don’t always catch it. thanks.

From this contest: Need a name and domain for a website builder

My already rated entries from 19th and 20th May are rated again today - even one I deleted with typo in it - popped in back and rated!!!

@Anjy, So I wasn’t imagining things!

It just happened again.An entry double posted, and I got it rejected twice! It’s bad enough to get it rejected once…but this sucks to keep having to take two hits on one entry.