Domains that won contests but were not purchased by the contest holder


I would like to ask the SH team to solve one difficult issue that worries many domainers. Very often, CH choose the winner who owns the basic plus listings domain, but do not buy the domain after the victory. According to the rules of the Squadhelp, this name cannot be offered again at contest. And this domain is not on the domain marketplace. Domainer gets into an unpleasant situation - his domain is not visible on the market and is banned for contests. To encourage freelancers I offer basic plus listinngs domains that are not redeemed after the end of the contest to include in the premium.


I did not receive a response to my offer. What to do with those Basic Plus Listings domains that the CH refused to buy after contest end? It would be fair after the BPL domain won to make it visible in the SH marketplace. Or include it in the list of premium domains automatically.


Names are not banned from entering into contests, Edukar, just so you know!


We probably live in different realities. In my reality, I get a message: ;Looks like this name has already won in a previous contest’ and I can not offer this name again. Domain only. But if the domain is not visible on the market, I have even less chance of selling it. I asked the SH team to solve this dilemma and enlist the winning domain in the premium, as it proved that it was worth buying


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It’s not about whether we are allowed to do this or not. My request was that the domains that won in the contest had an advantage and could be added to the premium list without further consideration. While they have the status of Basic Plus Listings they cannot be offered in contests by other creatives. Previously, in order for the domain to be visible on the market, it was enough to get 2 likes from the CH. I am sure that winning a contest is much more important than any ‘like’ or ‘love’ and should enable the domain to break into the premium league.


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@BillWarburton I am sure you mean no harm and I would have reached out to you by private messenger if I could have, but could you please delete the tweets you have sent linking to this and other forum conversations that feature me? I am not sure why you are tweeting forum conversations, but in my case, I need you to know that this makes me uncomfortable. Thanks in advance for understanding.