Domains say taken after submitting to contest when still available

On contest All domains I submitted say taken but they are still available after checking Godaddy.

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@Dan, it’s all my contests I just found out, not just this one.

@Tammy, we are looking into this. This is likely because we are switching to a new domain API checker. We will have this fixed shortly.


This issue is now resolved. We have also fixed the domain checker where it was only showing availability for .com (even when the CH had requested additional extensions).


It’s still saying all domains and every extension on contest below are taken a

@Tammy, there were few contests that were still not updated. We have fixed this contest. If you see any other issues, let us know and we will resolve them immediately.

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Hello, @Dan. This one is still broken:

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Thanks @JCaceres. That one should now be fixed as well.

@Dan, this one too: