Domain Reviews - Waiting 4+ months

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to see if there is any other creatives that have Domains pending review from June, 2020. I have 30+ Domain names and redesign logos pending review over the past 4 months and I have Blue Buttoned a few times for an update. The update is always that they have a backlog and will get to them soon. I’ve lost patience and wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation of waiting over 4 months??


I have some pending for 5 months. It seems to me that the vaccine may come out earlier than the reviews be processed.


Omg, sad but hilarious! I just entered some today guess I can count on next year to get my usual rejections.


Are these names that you subbed for approval to the marketplace or names that you are asking for a re-review on? I had some logo redesigns that sat for a super long time but got resolved. I think I have subbed names since June for marketplace approval that I didn’t own (that SH would review, not experts). Just curious about which things.


Hi commulinks, the names waiting since June are “re review Requests” for names that are unregistered. For example I might have submitted an unregistered name back in June 2019 and once they announced that you could resubmit names that were previously submitted I re reviewed some and they are still sitting there.
The names I submit to the premium marketplace I have no problem with as they can take a week or two for consideration. It’s just the “re review requests” that are stuck. I hope to just have a word on how much longer to review, and I’m starting to think there is some hiccup in the system.


Ah, thank you for clarifying that. It makes sense. Someone was talking about those types of names that are getting lost and automatically rejected because they were subbed before… in another string.


@grant, sorry i tag u, but this happened twice, first it was changeable, but the 2nd one theres no way to fix it.

So i submitted unreg domain with coin, but got rejected, then i submitted it for review, after few months, finally accepted but as SH owned domain. Could you please make the domain approve as creative owned domain instead of sh owned domain, since i submitted in the past with coin and choosen to register by myself.

It did happen once, so approved as SH owned domain, then changed to Creative owned domain, because i told blue button that i submitted it in the past with coin and choose to register by myself. but now couldnt. Thank youu



Seems like some of my pending reviews are getting caught up this week! Bummer that one of them that is now “approved” was already scooped up my someone else in July and is no longer available.


Hi there, I’m new to the site and this forum. I have a domain which I want to sell. It has a WordPress installation & it’s a kind of full-fledged Coupon sharing site. I want to know what should be its price & how the selling process works so I can sell it.

P.s I don’t have time to manage it as I’m focusing on my studies and the site needs to be updated daily due to the Coupons niche I have chosen.

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