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Hello folks and @grant Let’s get right into it.

Firstly, some of my domain appeals go back to July 17th, that’s 4 months and counting. Using blue button in last 2 months I received the very same answer every single time - “we’re working on it”. So when I can expect those domains to get their re-evalution and if those 4+ months delays will stay with us forever?

Secondly, I can honestly say I have no idea which domain names can end up in Premium Marketplace. I have submitted lots and lots of few letters, between 5 to 9, real English word + add on or two real English words domains, plenty of made-up’s too, 99,99% of those get rejected without a single word of explanation. “Funny” thing is that the last time I’ve blue-buttoned that, all of my - I guess - 20-30 domain ideas got rejected.

My question to the people here is this - do you have a similar experience, even if you follow all the tips & guidelines provided by SH?

Looking forward to some working solutions.



Yes- this is literally why I stopped submitting names. It feels pointless for all of the reasons you mentioned. Same with the re-evaluate comment.



My domain reviews or appeals are still pending from Sept '20.
Is the person in charge for domain reviews missing or something? :expressionless:


@grant waiting to hear you out on this one.

@KacperFilip We continue to work on minimizing our Domain appeal backlog. We prioritize appeals based upon the type of request. Appeals that are about domain rejections currently have a less than 5 days backlog as long as a coin was used during the original submission. If a coin wasn’t used, these appeals have a larger backlog. In addition, unregistered submissions without coins have the largest backlog because these submissions were already reviewed once by SH team. We will continue to look for ways to improve the timeframe.

Regarding the types of names we accept, here is an article that might be helpful:

Thanks for checking in @grant , some of my rejected domains haven’t been reviewed originally by SH internal team.

About the types of names accepted/rejected, second part of my first post along with @littodino answer have made it clear from my POV that we are simply lost in here - if we’re following the rules and we are getting rejected, are the rules working depending on who submitted the names, who reviews them, what’s the day of the week or what’s the weather or there are simply no rules at all?

Again, this makes the SH experience very frustrating because both creatives and SH want to make money (on that note, how fair is that on most cases, we can only get 25% of selling price of a domain?), so I don’t know if there’s already a point where there’s simply too much domains on a Premium Marketplace? I’m simply trying to find a reasoning why we are getting rejected on a daily basis with so many different domain ideas, again, following the rules provided by SH.

I wish for all that all your 5-9 letters domains or those using one or two (short) real English words could get into a Premium Marketplace.


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This has not been my experience at all.

I have several names pending appeal dating back to Sept. 8, all submitted with coins.

That is a 75-day backlog in my case – not 5 days.


That’s for SH registered names. You don’t take any risk: You’re not paying anything, nor paying the renewals. 25% seems quite fair. It could be a bit higher, but it’s not that bad. You can easily get 70%: Register the name yourself, and take the responsibility of renewals (and risk a coin). As they say on the stock market: There’s no free lunch.

As for submissions, there is a portion of subjectivity in it, IMHO. For example, I had names I submitted, which were close (but superior, IMO) to names already present in the premium marketplace. Yet, mine were rejected. Yes, it’s a little frustrating, but that’s the way it is. I don’t really see any possible “magic solution” here.

Btw, it quite blew my mind when I learned names weren’t really chosen on their own merit, but there is a pick among the submitted ones (which ones are “better”). I found it quite outrageous in principle. Now, I can understand the process may be easier that way. And in the end, it must rather work too.

Just so you know, in case you don’t, the commission goes DOWN every year on SH owned domains.