Domain Rejection

Hi everyone! I came to SH with a lot of hope. But, the experience I had till now makes me so sad. I researched a lot and proposed very good names for marketplace. Very good domain names. But not even a single domain got accepted till now. For example, recently my domain called ‘’ got rejected. Don’t you guys think it is better than some other domain names placed in premium marketplace? Not only that, I suggested very good Unregistered domain names. I can’t display that names here because they are unregistered. I invested a lot of time in researching the names but not a single domain is accepted till now. I feel very sad. What’s your advice? Should I continue or quit?


Keep at it, StarOne - You will find that (eventually) your persistence will pay off. :moneybag:


Please take this as constructive criticism…

I wouldn’t vote for this name because:
It’s longer than 10 letters (Darpan has provided some insights here: - 85% of SH domain sales are 10 letters or less).
At a quick glance, I can only immediately think of one use for it (frozen food delivery). You ideally want to appeal to many markets to increase your chances of a sale.

Imagine now you’d submitted ChillChick instead.
It’s 10 letters :heavy_check_mark:
It has many meanings - laid back girl (fashion, boho, beauty) - cold food delivery (particularly chicken / eggs). A slow but steady startup (chill = relaxed and eggs symbolize hatching, birth, growth etc). :heavy_check_mark:

My example isn’t the best, but I’m trying to demonstrate how a small change can make a big difference.

Things I did like about your name:
Both words began with CH - it’s lively, bouncy, fresh. :heavy_check_mark:
It’s 3 syllables (almost 75% of sales are 3 syllables or less - see Darpans insights) :heavy_check_mark:

You are really close so please don’t give up. You clearly are 90% of the way there. And don’t look at what is making it on to the marketplace, that means very little. Look at names that are selling… there is a difference.

I hope this helps and that I haven’t offended you.