Domain registrations, why no automatic flag?

I posted this at the end of another thread, but didn’t get any input and am still wondering about it. Why do we have to “catch” domain registrations? Is there a reason there isn’t something automatic within the squadhelp system that alerts and initiates a report if it is in within the 30 days?


If you’re seeking a reply from SH it’s best to throw in an @grant :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it would be helpful to be alerted while the contest is still going on. Both to Squadhelp & the creative. I’m not sure how the software would work but that would be good.


This is a good suggestion, and we have in fact considered it in the past. However, there are certain limits imposed by domain registries that make this an impractical option at this point. We receive almost 200,000 name submissions every month, and checking that many number of submissions automatically on a daily basis is not currently feasible. We will, however, continue to explore additional ways to make this process as seamless as possible.


I’m pretty sure entries are being checked on their own/by SH at some point because I’ll stumble upon them without initiating a check myself. When this happens can you go on and generate a report, send creatives an email, etc?

Another suggestion is to do a biweekly or monthly check vs daily.

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Many of my entries don’t show up taken and I check once everyday. However, If I go into a particular contest and check on the actual contest, it will then show up (or if I flag it it will show up) …but wasn’t showing up before that. Perhaps SH can do a check just on the abandoned ones like 5 days before the 30 day mark. Because the one’s abandoned for 2,3 months are too late to do anything about.


This is a really great idea, Jackie.


I noticed that on the overall my entries page that in order for all of the names to get checked I have to scroll down all the way to the bottom first so that all names are loaded/showing. If not it will only run the check on the ones showing. Which then leads to finding out in an individual contest when I check it that its flagged (because it is missed in the check on main entries page). Anyone else experience this?


@CreativeGal Yep, happens here as well and with so many names, it never loads all the way. It’s a headache and inconvenience honestly and because of it I’ve missed every single one of my domain registrations until LONG beyond the time limit. :unamused:


Jackie’s idea is great for abandoned contests but what about the ones that pick a winner but still register others. I’d like to be notified of a registry regardless if it’s abandoned or not.


@creativeGal. There is a filter on the right-hand side of the “My Entries” page that allows you to just filter your names where the domain has been registered. This way you don’t have to scroll down through all your entries. It will show only those entries that have been registered. Then you can report them from there. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I did notice that and tried it. But for me it will only work on those urls that have been checked recently or showing on the page as registered. In order to check all of my domains at the same time for availability/registered status I have to scroll through first so that they all get checked. Then I can use the filter feature to only show those that have been registered. I don’t know what’s up with that. :confused: