Domain Registration Reporting Time Frame


Suggestion: I was reading the DRR policy and read that we have 30 days from the day we actual “submit” our name. I want to suggest that Domain registration reporting be extended to at least 30 days after the close of a contest and not limited to 30 days after the date in which the name was submitted. The most recent name I had registered I can not report via the system even though the contest is still sitting in the finalizing winners phase. Of course I just sent it in to you guys via other means but I don’t want to feel like I need to hold out til the last day of the contest to feel like I’m covering my bases, if that makes sense.

Thanks for your time.


It should be 30 days AFTER either -
The CH picks a winner Or SH picks the winners.


I made a similar suggestion the other day. I had a domain registered exactly 30 days after I submitted it, so I was unable to report it even though the contest is still pending.


I totally agree with this, I just wanted to post the same suggestion. A couple of times several of my domains were registered after 30 days when the contest was still pending winner selection and I wasn’t able to report them. Hope the admins will take this into consideration and change the options.


I echo the above and shared my thoughts today with Deni but thought I would post here as well. SH please consider extending the 30 days AFTER the CH picks a winner or SH picks the winners. Thank you.


“Domain Registration Reporting Time Frame” at least when the contest is pending - finalizing winner.

I know this has been discussed quite a few times but in wake of who is rules changed and CH reopening contests time & again, this rule needs to be changed. Also consider many a times it is not CH who registers the domain but his web developer. So at least when it is a pending contest the time frame should be removed & the usual pop up should appear.

@grant, SH, please reconsider this.


Thank you for sharing your feedback.