Domain not accepted as ID, but now in the marketplace

Are they adding them to names that have been rejected in the past, or just new submissions?

@Therold Just new ones and right now, it doesn’t appear to be on ALL new ones. They just rolled this out yesterday so I think they are experimenting.

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Tina91, the light bulb just went “on”-- so it was a Marketplace Contest that you got a Like on… and it didn’t get put into the actual marketplace for some reason…then someone else got the same name accepted. Yikes, Seems like this is kind of a big issue - one that has probably never happened before. Good luck on getting it sorted out… maybe a split if the name sells would be fair although the other person can use the name in Contests now. Hard for SH to take the name away completely from the 2nd person that submitted-- but you did get a Like on it and it was reasonable for you to assume it would go into the Marketplace. With the Market being new - these glitches will happen but that doesn’t make you feel any better I am sure!

Is there a place to view recently sold marketplace names to see what sorts of things are selling? I mean names that sold other than our own.

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If you look at your Marketplace dashboard, it shows recently sold domains at the bottom of the page. Refresh a few times, as the list will change.