Domain not accepted as ID, but now in the marketplace

I will blue button this issue, but first I want to see if someone else encountered this problem and maybe I can get a tip of how I should react or take this personally or how I can bring this up to the Squadhelp staff.

But I am sure Squadhelp didn’t do it on purpose.

I posted a name on a squadhelp domain marketplace contest for a tech platform.

That name received a Like it rating, it even has a green tick next to it, but it wasn’t accepted as an Instant Domain (maybe it is a glitch). That green tick appears as if it was accepted as an ID. My other accepted domains have that green checkmark.

And a month later that domain was registered and posted in the marketplace. I just discovered this by accessing the domain link. It has its own selling page with a logo and everything.

In this case, what should I do? Because it’s awkward enough for me.

Again, I don’t think squadhelp did this on purpose, I am not accusing anyone, but still, it is a bit frustrating given the fact I posted it first and now someone else may take advantage of that domain’s possible selling.

@grant, any tips or solution?

I think SH has something in place to stop 2 people submitting the same name to the marketplace, the exception would be posting an ‘entry’ into the marketplace contests, because that’s a contest. And that’s how they got caught out on this one.

It could also be that this person has been using this name in contests for years (so you wouldn’t necessarily have been ‘first’ to think of it), and when they submitted it to the marketplace it got accepted.

Just trying to think of a possible scenario, I’m sure @grant will chime in or ask you to blue button it.

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Or perhaps the creative who got the name approved owns the domain to that name,possibly?

I had a name that I had used in many contests get accepted to the marketplace by someone else. I hadn’t bought the domain…so it was open game, I guess. So now as much as I can, if I have a name I think has potential I buy it…then that stops it from being “taken” by someone else.

With all the creative minds here…I am constantly surprised that even with names I feel are very unique…at times others think of them too.

But it would bug me also if I got my submission rejected, but someone else entered the exact same name and got approval…that doesn’t seem quite right.


@hollygirl I understand what you are saying, you are right, but mine is a different situation. Those Squadhelp marketplace contests are launched for our names to be accepted or not. This is their purpose.

And I received a Like it rating. So it has potential to be accepted in the marketplace.

And then, a month later, it is registered and posted in the marketplace.

That is why it is an issue for me.

I posted it first, so it is not fair towards me.

You said that you had a name that you had used in many contests and got accepted to the marketplace by someone else. Have you submitted it for approval?

If not, you understand why mine is a different situation.

“But it would bug me also if I got my submission rejected, but someone else entered the exact same name and got approval…that doesn’t seem quite right.”

Yeah, that is what I am talking about.

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Yes, you are right, but as I said to Hollygirl…I posted it first in a Squadhelp Marketplace contest, it received a Like it rating, so normally, the domain should have been in my portfolio of selling domains. It is all about the order, who posts it first for approval. I have no problem if someone submitted first one of my names and got accepted, but my scenario is different. Those contests exist for this purpose…to have our names accepted in the marketplace…or not, of course.

@Tina91 - I can tell you how this happened because I had a problem with a name in that same contest. But, telling you how it happened won’t necessarily solve your problem which will need to be resolved directly with SH.

Here’s what happened:
Right when SH launched that contest (or within days of it), they instituted the new methodology for preventing a creative from subbing a name to the marketplace if it is pending in a contest by ANY contestant. So, my name got a go-ahead to sub to the marketplace but when I went through the process to sub my checkmarked name, it sat there…with (I think) an orange bar which meant it was pending in a contest. The contest it was pending in was the marketplace contest I entered it in. I let it sit for a little while, thinking it would eventually “take” but when it didn’t I tried again and it did not go through. I blue buttoned the issue and told SH I thought it was because of the new methodology for preventing names from going to the marketplace if they are in pending contests. I kept having to go back to that name several times over the course of at least a month and resubbing it until it really took.

So here’s what happened to you, in my estimation:
All the same as the above happened to you. AND, another contestant was attempting to enter the name into the marketplace during that one month period. But the other contestant kept trying until the name freed up OR they just got lucky and happened to sub it on the day it became free. (Which would have been when the marketplace contest closed or the other contest it was in closed…). So their attempt made it through and yours was still sitting in limbo like mine was. You would have had to keep trying to get your name through. Mine looked like it was rejected… but it was not rejected, it was stuck.

I keep track of every name I try to sub to the marketplace. If the marketplace says the name can’t be subbed because it is in a pending contest, I keep trying until it is free. That is most likely what another contestant did with your name.

It’s unlikely that we both had the same name in that contest because the contest wouldn’t have accepted duplicate names. But the scenario above is likely.

I’m sure SH will settle this up fairly. Best of luck to you and the other contestant, whomever it is! Stuff happens. I see many of my own names in the marketplace, by the way… attributed to other contestants who subbed them first.


These issues are better resolved via contacting our support team. If you haven’t already, please blue button the issue to the support team so they can look into the specific situation.

On a broader note, unless the name is registered by a creative, they have no more “claim” to the name compared to another creative who might have thought of the same name independently and submitted to another contest. We do not give priority to specific creatives for approving names in our marketplace, and our marketplace approval system no longer accepts an approval request if the same name has already been submitted for approval into SH marketplace by another creative. Once a name is listed for sale on behalf of a specific creative, only that creative will receive the credit for the sale even though other creatives might have submitted the same name to other contests in the past.


yes @grant, these issues are better solved via the blue button.

But sometimes, you need to hear other external opinions. And it really helps if you find out that you are not the only one in this situation.

So that is why I posted it here, initially.

I already blue buttoned the team.

Regarding the whole issue:

Posting names in Squadhelp Marketplace contests isn’t the same as submitting names for approval/rejection?

Am I wrong? They are not the same situations?

I saw it this way: When you receive a like it rating, it is practically as if it was A BIT approved for marketplace, not completely, but the staff liked it, even if it isn’t accepted for marketplace.

And the other unrated entries are rejected, right?

And when the staff liked my name, and was not approved for marketplace…and then another person submits it via My Entries Page and it is accepted…something is not right here.

Again, maybe I am wrong, so maybe you will offer some additional clarification about this particular aspect?

Thank you!

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So, what you are saying is that Person A submits a name and the response is ‘no, we don’t like it’ and then a few days/weeks/months later Person B submits the exact same name and they say ‘yes, we like that name, approved’?

Hi Squad -

There are two mechanisms for engaging with the Domain Marketplace when it comes to domains that you do not own:

  1. Classifying and Submitting your name/domain, which has already been submitted into a contest, from your My Entries Page.

Once a domain is Classified and Submitted from your My Entries Page, that domain cannot be submitted by any other Creative, even if the domain is not accepted.

  1. Submitting domains into a Marketplace Contest.

Just like any other contest, Marketplace Contests are a place to brainstorm name ideas and even get instant feedback through ratings. However, Marketplace Contest participation does not result in the direct acceptance of a domain into the Marketplace. The successful domain submission is instead given Pre-Approval. This Pre-Approval lets you know that the domain will be accepted once you Classify and Submit it through your My Entries Page.

Please note that once a domain is submitted into a Marketplace Contest it will automatically appear in your My Entries Page. Therefore, you do not have to wait for Pre-Approval from the Marketplace Contest to Classify and Submit your Marketplace Contest entries. And once you Classify and Submit the Entry, no other Creative will be allowed to submit that domain into the Marketplace.

Importantly, this is a highly curated marketplace. Some great names will not be accepted into the Marketplace (and we encourage you to submit those into the appropriate CH-led contests). We have a very specific market that we are targeting, and we are selecting names that will fit this market and the market demand.

Also, we continue to revise our criteria as we learn more about the names that are selling in our marketplace. It is possible that a name that was not accepted initially could get revisited and accepted.


Last sentence please @grant

Also, we continue to revise our criteria as we learn more about the names that are selling in our marketplace. It is possible that a name that was not accepted initially could get revisited and accepted.

Does that mean that previously submitted entries may be looked at by SH again… or that they may be open for resubmission in the future?

Many thanks in advance.


Can you share what market you are targeting with us? Can you also share if you are scaling back on marketplace acceptance for some reason? (It feels like you are to me). Basically, can you share everything possible so we know what to do? I am not subbing any further names for now until I learn more because it is very time consuming and not resulting in acceptance anymore. That is a change that I see personally. I was trying really hard to get to a certain number of accepted names and I have now stalled short of that.

Thank you!


Same! Thank you for asking the question @Commulinks


So you had entered that same name into the marketplace before the other creative? Or had it just been entered in a contest. If you didn’t submit it to the marketplace-then you are probably out of luck-- if you had submitted it to the marketplace first - then Squad Help should make that adjustment. I doubt someone owned it as it would not have been showing as domain open.
I have registered 2 of my better names to protect them-- it doesn’t cost much to do on Namecheap-- maybe7- 8.50 with a coupon that came up. The 2nd year is a few dollar more though. There are a lot of these sticky wicket situations that come up-- and it is frustrating but sometimes things don’t quite work out fairly and you need to take it in stride. I have had to get over a few situations where I know a CH registered my name but didn’t finish the contest so I didn’t get properly compensated- or compensated at all. Sometimes hard to believe it’s a coincidence when it happens the day after or a couple of days b4 the contest is over…I have started to register some names to protect them and the hopefully put them in the marketplace.

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Grant, the new rejection explanations are already super helpful! Thank you so much! And I appreciate that they are right there in front of me on my dashboard instead of an email!!! SH rocks!

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Thank you for this @Commulinks. I was beginning to think it’s just happening to me and if it was all worth the time and effort

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@AbleBrands - Yes. Your domains may be revisited by our team and reconsidered at a later date.


Unfortunately, we cannot share details about our target customer or market in an open forum, as these insights are important to the continued success of our business.

We are not scaling back on our Domain Marketplace. We’re actually ramping up.

We remain very selective. Since we are now providing a more detail about why domains are not getting approved, hopefully this will give you a better understanding of what kind of names to submit.

We also recommend that you frequently check your marketplace dashboard to review recently sold domains and get a better understanding of the names that are being sold in the marketplace.

Also, variety is an important aspect of our marketplace. There are certain words and name types that are used often, and we are extremely highly selective when it comes to those submissions. Here is an article that will help you envision that vast variety of brand names - Brand Name Types.


This is one of the hardest things, I think, because we get so many contests for the same industries and also when we look at what has been accepted and sold in the marketplace and sub similar types of names, the other factors (saturation,etc) then get them rejected. But I am determined! Thank you for all you do!

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C-links…where do you see these in the dashboard. I submitted a few yesterday that got rejected, but don’t see the explanations.


When they are there, they are right by your name in the dashboard. But they’ve just started so they aren’t on all names yet.