Domain/No domain conflicts on briefs

I have noticed many contests in the last few days that say they they are not looking for a domain, but then it says they want a .com and the contest is not set up for a domain. I am writing this to ask SH if there is an issue with the system or if the CHs just don’t realize it.


@RachelSH - do you know the answer to this? I am a little concerned about a few right now that have both things in their brief and I am concerned that they will have to change them one way or another which eliminates previous entries.


I will notify my team about this issue and have them keep a look out for contests with this issue. If you can give me the names of either the contest holder or the contest name that you are concerned about I can get to those right away!


Oh shoot, I kind of moved on from them so I don’t remember all of them but one is this one:

I am wondering if the CH could get a “pop-up” kind of error message when those two fields are in conflict? That would solve this problem I think.

Where it says: No, I am only look for a name
Then, then should get a warning when then select and extension

There was another one that I sent a public message to the CH about and they fixed it but I am pretty sure there were at least a couple of others and all have been recent.

Thank you for letting us know, I have contacted the CH you sent me. I have asked them to clarify whether or not they would like a URL, I will get back to you as soon as they respond!


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