Domain names that have previously won on Squadhelp

Recently Squadhelp has stopped accepting domain names that have won sometime in the 7 year? history of Squadhelp, whereas previously it just used to inform us if a name had won before and it was up to our discretion to enter it or not.

Keeping in mind a few points
1] Domain names expire or are abandoned regularly
2] Available domain names can still be registered by general public outside Squadhelp

I feel an available domain name should be able to be entered into contests even if it has won sometime previously after a grace period, maybe even up to a year (Standard registration period for a URL).


I was wondering about that too for the very same reasons you mentioned. Not only that…but you may be entering it in a totally different category,that would not be a conflict,so it is not fair to keep you from reentering in that case.(Think Dove Soap and Dove Chocolates) .I think we should be able to use our intellect to figure out if a prior winning name would be a conflict or not.


I agree as well. If a contest winning name is mot use in reasonable time, it should be eligible. Maybe this could be reflected in T & C’ s for Contest Holders.