Domain name registered--used in more than one contest


I have hesitated a LOT to say this but since this conversation is continuing, I feel I must. Creatives, please consider that this forum is PUBLIC, not just a forum for creatives. That said, think about what you are writing that is informative and instructive to those who might decide to use that information. If this forum were a creatives-only place, I wouldn’t being saying this. Believe me, I have a LOT of stories on this line. I’m saying this for your protection as well as mine and I ask you to consider deleting…
Thank you. I TRULY do not mean anything rude or mean toward ANY of you… just please think about it.

PS: If you have a question about why I wrote this, please message me PRIVATELY.


Exactly. Let’s stay positive. There may be instances when it happens and that is why there is whois and other resources, if the name is private then onto the next. Do what all you can to protect your IP and realize that this is a lot of the nature of this sector. Many people, domain marketplaces, and domain hosts are always on the hunt for new domains and names are thousands are registered every day outside of the site. All we can do is do what is available and keep on going, no matter the results. It’s the nature of the interwebs and while I wish there were more safeguards, it doesn’t mean that many cases are ones that are in the negative – and when they are, you know what to do.


Which leads me to ask, why isn’t this forum for creatives only?


Discussing specific Domain Registration related issues is a violation of our policy. Please review our forum posting policy to ensure the posts are compliant with our policy. Please refer to the “Discussions Related to Domain Registration” section for more details about what kind of posts are not allowed in discussion forum. These issues must be reported to SH team directly.


I haven’t called out a specific CH and would never do so. I entered the name in multiple contests.


Look, I’ll just cut my losses here. Whoever registered it can have it, since they already do. I just need to adjust my mindset and consider it the cost of working on this site.


There’s a thread around here somewhere with me livid after discovering the “my entries” page filter hadn’t been working for me the way I believed it did and that to actually discover if my names had been registered I basically had to go into every contest I’d entered and check, there are a couple where I’ve had 3 entries in the same contest registered, there’s been a large number entered. You can drive yourself bonkers, I did but now I’m like “ho hum” and kind of look at it like you just said, yup its the danger of putting them out there, esp when you can’t afford to register them yourself, however I tend to think well it’s a big old world out there full of people whose brains are also probably trying to come up with names for their own stuff or just to buy, and their brains are just as good as mine so it shouldn’t be too big a surprise :grin: its just when the dates are a bit hmm close!! Or you and six other people are feeling the same pain within the same contest!! :wink: What am I blathering on about eh?? I guess don’t let it eat you up!!