Domain name registered--used in more than one contest

Found one of my favorite go-to names was unavailable when I tried to submit it recently. It’s my first time having this happen, so I’m not sure if I understand everything correctly. I did the whole “report” thing, but it only lets me do it on one contest. I entered this name in more than one contest in the past month (it’s one of my fave tech-type entries).

Will SH make sure it wasn’t registered by any of the other CH’s, or will it only check on the one I submitted it for? Will I have to manually report it for each contest, one at a time?

only the one I believe, I would look up the whois, and hopefully some info there could help you make a more informed choice…

even the date registered could rule out a contest or 2

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Actually, I’d suggest you blue button and let SH know and link any/all of the contests you have put it in recently that way they can do the research needed to find out for you. However, if you understand the whole researching aspects yourself, as Seez suggested you can whois it and find out on your own and then if you need to report it to SH.

Ugh, I have no idea what I’m doing. I suppose I can use the blue button and link a dozen contests. Not very thrilled about it.

You can look up the domain

And look over the information it provides you and see who registered the name and then if you see anything questionable or anything you recognize, let SH know. Hope that helps.

You can’t blue button 12 contests for the same name. Do your due diligence and narrow down.

What I have been told is even if it has been submitted in more than one contest,you can only report the latest contest it was submitted into. However…if you do look it up on Whois, and find that info matches, or it is more likely to match a certain contest than another…I would report that one. But as it is…you can only report it in one contest.

It’s too late now, as I didn’t know I couldn’t report it in more than one contest, and I just reported the latest one.

Chances are you will find that the identity information is hidden. I check whois before I make the claim. Aren’t we suppose to? Isn’t that part of the form?

I have one or two names registered every month and I am nowhere near as active as many on here, so I am guessing that others have even more names registered. And let me just add, if the registering party’s information is indeed hidden, then you have to rely upon the CH admitting that someone mistakenly registered the name. Which, in my personal experience, has never happened.


Okay, now that I’ve looked at the site-in-progress at the domain, the info on the page VERY much matches a company brief I submitted to. But I already reported it in another contest so I can’t do it again.

This is lame.

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@geniuswaitress - If you use the blue button to show SH the similarities, they most definitely will assist you. My experience is that they do all they can do to help. They will not check all contests you submitted a name to, but in this instance it is worthwhile to at least ask. If they can’t do it, they will tell you.

Even if I already reported it (in what is probably the wrong contest)?

If the info matches the CH in a contest…they will usually make an exception and check it out. The ones that you are pretty much out of gas for are ones over 30 days and privately registered.If there is some probable kind of connection,with a name,company,etc…they will check it out still.Even if it is past 30 days or you have reported it already in another contest. But it has to be a pretty viable link.


In my experience squadhelp sends them a message they say no it wasnt them and thats the end of that. Again, in my experience.


@Dansma my experience too!

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These are the days of private registration and services that disguise domain registration info, and many other things, though. So, many times it’s all for naught and our IP is on the line unless we purchase our own or unlock the 8th wonder of the world that is the ID submission guideline matrix. Wish there were more ways to protect registration from happening for a period of 6 months, as that would make many here feel more comfortable and not have the wind knocked out of them after discovering that yet another name was registered. But, for right now, until this can happen if it will ever happen or whatever else type of safeguards that may arise — watch your names closely, submit for ID if you can, buy if you can, keep an eye on those you can’t, check them often, don’t use them in more than a couple contests (for your favorites) each month, and check every 3-5 days for registration. Not sure how this will help with what I’ve mentioned, but it’s all that’s available right now and may at least help a little.

They should also allow the us to report this for contests that lay in limbo “waiting for winner selection” even when they are over a month old. Many go on for months…since it is not technically CLOSED, we should be able to report.


That’s been my position too. The countdown ought to start after a contest has been awarded…not from when you submitted.


@jackieheraty…you can still report them using the blue button. Even after it closes. Doesn’t matter how many days.
I still think that some CH’s register the name they want and abandon the contest. They may not always be aware that they have to let admin know. But with all the domains I have reported, and there have been loads (just 3 yesterday) most are anonymous and the CH always said not me. I’ve never had one CH say yes I registered it.

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