Domain Name help

Hi Guys,

When I give my suggestions for naming a company, it also asks for domain name. Usually my company name suggestion gets accepted by the program but I use the same company name for the domain name but it always shows it exists. Why is that?

Like if I suggest a company name like happybasket, I give the same domain like or .net and it says it exists. I have creative names but I can never seem to get passed the domain names. \

I also check by googling and it doesnt show someone has claimed it so why does it say it exists? This is just an example.

Any suggestions?

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Because of lot of good domains have been registered and are either parked (someone is just holding it) or they have been put up for sale. So even if there is no ‘happybasket’ company, someone registered the domain.
If the CH says exact match you are probably out of luck.
If they say minor variations, you could add something like ‘the’ ‘get’ or ‘go’ to the beginning or maybe ‘Co’ to the end and explain in comments that exact match is parked or forsale.
In your example is for sale, is available. Adding a modifier to the ‘minor variations allowed’ gives the CH the opportunity to decide if he wants to puchase the exact match or go with your variation.


I also have to add, you might want to use your best judgement when modifying a URL…you wouldn’t want to enter a name and modify it so that it would create a name too similar to a competitor.

In your happybasket scenario, if it WAS an active company, Most CH’s wouldn’t want to have someone forget to add the ‘Co’ or ‘The’ and have that person end up on their competitor’s website.