Domain Name and Business Name auto-populate

Would it be possible on Domain name and Business name contests to have the business name auto-populate the domain name into it? I think it would save a lot of time of copying and pasting. I know other people enter one domain name and alter the business name, but a lot of us only submit names that match exactly anyway. Plus I think it would still be helpful to those who alter, then they can just delete the extra word or whatever they used in order to make a domain available.

Is this something that can be added to the list of improvements?


i dont fill it in at all if its the same as the domain - have I been doing it wrong

@jackieheraty, good idea. We will add it to our list and will work on this.

@jose, it is a good idea to fill it even it is the same.


could explain my lack of wins lol

Thanks @Dan , that will be a great help!