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@grant @Darpan Loving the logos made for our domain Marketplace names. Are they being created by our fellow creatives or is SHAdmin creating them?
Can we make suggestions on the logos? I ask because I have a name in the marketplace meant for a Male brand. (BareBaron) Everything about it is masculine, yet the logo is a butterfly. I’m not sure they relate well.


What if a potential buyer likes the name but not the associated Logo and has a different idea or preference for logo, what happens? Can he buy just the name, what happens to the logo then?

In a related question, If I submit a name with associated logo to a contest with a lower prize amount (Say 100$ or 200$) and it wins, what happens to the logo? does it get transferred as well or something else?

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how do you get to the domain marketplace .I can only find it if someone puts a link on here

@ CreativeJohnny go to the home page ( I just click on the SH logo). You will see a link two links. One is to start a contest and the otheris Explore names for sale.

Sorry about the typos

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Oh thanks never thought of clicking on the sh logo for anything

I did it accidentally, but I found the shortcut lol

@lisamac - Thank you for the positive feedback. At this time, we do not have the ability to take individual requests regarding ID logos. We always hope that everyone’s vision aligns with regard to each name, but that of course is not always the case. Also, currently, the logos are not being created by the Squadhelp community. This is to eliminate any favoritism that would occur if we worked with just a select portion of the community. We did consider a crowdsource model, but it was not practical for this particular project.

@lightless - At this point, Logos are included at no extra cost, and they will be automatically transferred to the customer after they purchase the Instant Domain. The customer may or may not choose to use the logo - it is completely up to them. In future, the customers may have to pay a small fee to acquire the logo files but this is not something we are considering currently. Every customer is given the recommendation to launch a logo contest on Squadhelp to find a logo that is more suitable for their needs.

If an Instant Domain is submitted into a contest by the Creative who has that domain in their My Owned Domains, the submission is facilitated via My Owned Domains and not Instant Domains - and therefore, the logo is not included as part of the transaction.

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