Domain Logos(New and/or Redsigned) Your Opinions and Thoughts

Hello everyone, This is a thread opened to creatives and people who have domains in their portfolios and marketplace listed on SH with logo designs attached to them, in fact it is open to everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

As one of the few creatives chosen by SH after reviewing, Designing some of these domains has been fun, tasky and enjoying with over 230+ domains designed so far, I would like to know your opinions, thoughts, suggestions, Likes, Dislikes and all needed to serve you guys better and design outstanding but yet simple and understanding logos for your domains.

Please Note: All logos designed for domains are solely owned by SH and are transferred to the buyer after purchase of the domain, Thank you.

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As for me, I prefer something simple and easy to understand, I think my favorite logo so far from my portfolio is, feel free to check it to understand fully. I love the ascension of the design which talk about the peak of the name

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