Domain Logo Design Ratings

Hello Everyone…

Well this is to all domain owners. Please,The ratings “No Thank You” or “Ok” and sometimes no ratings at all is by far affecting our Design ratings for domains…
Basically you will need so many “Love It” to climp up your ratings and just few “No Thank You” and “Ok” to drop you down by far, this of which I have complained to SH and they are working on it.

The domains without descriptions and no meaning are mostly the ones that gets rated down and it is sometimes annoying, sometimes 3-6 letters are just put together and that’s a domain and it is not easy to just think and come up with a design, Please it would be better if you can add more details to the domain, ideas and thoughts, this would help better in desiging a better logo for your domain.

NOTE: I am not the only one designing logo for domains for and/or squadhelp, these designs are solely owned by sqaudhelp.

Please everyone do consider us the creative designers, Look at the design, flow with it, smile with it and then rate what you know is best…Thank you…SH I hope I haven’t violated any rules, thank you once again…#Edited