Domain History Checker-- where did it go?

Anyone know if the Domain History Checker was moved to a new spot or was removed? I can’t find it where I used to. Thanks!

Yeah, I had to ask. It is included now with domain insights

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This is my first post recently and I hope it is not a duplicate answer.

I am so glad you asked. I love the original Domain History Checker. Although, the other, Domain Insights, is generally more robust, it only allows a limited number of uses per day. At least for me, with low status under 50 Premiums @ just 45, it has a daily cap.

I saved the old History Checker link and hope they don’t remove its usability. It is fast, too. I often have tons of domains to quickly check. I hope it is ok to divulge:

Hope that is helpful and they add it back to the menus, if it is not already hidden there.