Domain Classifications 2.0

At the moment, there’s no way for domain owners to pass messages across to expert classifiers. As an expert classifier I’ve NEVER gotten any feedback or message from domain owners about their names or the style they’d love. Without feedback, there’s no way experts can do a great job on your names because we are not in sync with your thought process. Also, I’ve noticed that when a name is rated a “No thank you”, even when it’s been rewritten or reclassified, the owners of those names never get a prompt or message telling them their names have been readdressed. @grant I think the system has to be improved upon in order for both parties to be satisfied and happy. Take for instance, a seller puts up for classification, an expert might see it and simply say one thing about the name while the owner might see it and feel bad about the classification and rate it poorly without any feedback given. I think some improvements need to be done about that.


Very good one @Promann I just made a complaint about this a few minutes ago on another thread…it’s unfair to us classifiers, our hands are tied