Does avatar can influence CH?

It seems a girl image does works well in getting loveit faces. Whats your thought?

Well honestly I don’t have a solid answer.I am one who is always changing my avatar lol.My latest one is of a cluster of mushrooms that sprouted in my front yard,that my granddaughter and I made photo props of.She’s only 5-but quite creative😉…wish I cud put all her creativity on here lol it would take up alotta room.Any who I’ve not noticed a change in ratings whenever I change my avatar.

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I have a picture of myself…but doesn’t seem like it has particularly helped me get love its! (Unfortunately!) :0)

According to SH, if you use a photo of a person, it has to be of you.

Profile Photo Policy

Written by Squadhelp Admin
Updated over a week ago
At Squadhelp our goal is to encourage transparency and compliance with all copyright laws. Please follow these guidelines while uploading your profile picture.

We strongly encourage you to use your own photo as a profile picture.

If you are not comfortable using your own photo, you are allowed to use other images such as Landscapes, Pets, Quotes, etc. However in that case, you must ensure that you are legally allowed to use that image. Specifically, the image must be a Royalty Free image (with no attribution requirements) or you must have legally acquired a license to use that image.

You are not allowed to use the image of a different person as your own profile picture. If your profile picture includes people, one of them must be you.