Does anyone use Payoneer

I was curious if anyone uses Payoneer? Do you notice any difference in how fast or slow you receive your payout. Usually paypal comes quick but I had the last few times for example submitted a Payout request Monday about 8:45 am and still have not received it. (I did blue button just waiting to hear) But was not sure about the difference between the two ETC.

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i use payoneer, … there are fast days and slow days… but mostly Fast days… at least i have received payment twice within the hour that i made the requests… Although they deduct $3 on every payment from SH.


That is good to know!!! I am still waiting and I submitted my request for payment on Monday and its Friday… I did blue button and they have been super helpful. Just why it is taking so long.

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You’ll receive the payment, in fact, I had such issue last month as well, but not up to a week interval. You can also try withdrawing on Fridays, as i noticed SH like paying out mostly on Mondays. Payoneer will charge $3 service charge on every transaction though, this mean if you withdraw 100, SH will deduct $10, payoneer will deduct 3 and total balance in your payoneer will be $87. But the good part of it is that even if you withdraw $1000, it’s $3 they’ll charge you. But as for SH, they process, payoneer as fast as PayPal. Hope this help?

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Thank you this does help… they finally did resolve it this morning. Does anyone do the AUTOMATIC payouts. If so do you find it helpful?

I do. I think they come out faster, the only thing is sometimes they schedule a payment in the middle of the splits and you can get small amounts stuck in your account because the total isn’t $25. Still, I’ve even had two payouts in one day using the automatic scheduling.