Does anyone know what happns when we submit marketplace name into contest, what is the discounted price they get and how does this affect commission?

I cant find the information,and the rules have changed a few times

As far as I’m aware, if you submit your marketplace domain to a contest and it wins. You get the contest prize award, NOT the marketplace commission. So if your domain is listed at $1000 but the contest award is $100. You would get $100. But like you said, rules have changed at a lightning pace around here in the last two years. So I could be mistaken

@LisaMac @Slogana You get whichever is higher, commission or prize amount. The “discount” is just the marketplace price reduced by the contest prize amount ( the prize amount is applied toward the total price for the name).
We used to have the option of accepting the prize amount as payment, even if it was less than the commission, but we can’t do that anymore.


ty aldaisy been trying to find out that anwer for days

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I think Lisa it depends on what kind of listing now