Does anyone know if this is true

The important thing to know here is that in the eyes of the domain Registry to which all the Registrars interact, and the Registry’s oversight body (like ICANN, or in Canada, CIRA), whoever is listed in the domain whois record as the domain Registrant is the legal owner of the domain name. Keep that in mind, if you use a service like this, they own the domain, not you, notwithstanding whatever contract or Terms of Service you enter into with them to “own” this name on your behalf. If it lands in a dispute proceeding it will be an open and shut case: they own the name.
Taking it one step further, some “privacy” services will get you to sign up for the whois privacy service and then they turn around and happily offer to sell your true data to anybody else who cares to pay for it.

it seems that if your name isnt on whois you dont own the domain …and people can pay a fee to see your details anyway in most cases

I think Domain by Proxy is GoDaddy’s domain privacy service. The domain name should still be under the real owner’s name under “Registrant Contact” info. It may have different info for administrator, technical, and billing contact. I don’t think GoDaddy will risk any wrongdoing, there will be huge consequences for a company it’s size.

The privacy thing is usually done by a third party registrar which it names on the who is page

from what I understand from the above …the registrar would actually own your domain if you opted for privacy and they would give your details out to anyone that asked for an extra fee - sort of defeats the object of privacy lol

Yes I see your point @Jose. Well I haven’t been keeping up with domains stuff, but I think if you’re referring to the reverse whois service I don’t think they can report on privacy protected domains, just the public ones, cos you actually have to pay to use privacy service. Anyway I’m not interested in digging but would like to know about any findings? :slight_smile: