Does anyone know how it works on an abandoned contest?

If there are say…6 liked names and you have 3…are you more likely to win than if you have only 1 like?

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This is the thread that explains how they are selected. Hope it helps

Joe, from what I remember from my own experience I believe the answer is no. It is random based on the contestants who have loves or likes, not the number of entries that have loves or likes. So if there are 4 contestants with loves or likes, it picks 2 contestants out of 4 on a $100 contest. If it is a $200 contest and 4 contestants who have the love/like highest ratings, then it awards all 4 contestants.

Thanks so much…Seems it should be relative to your number of highest rankings…But it is what it is!Thanks again!


Hi Joe. This just today happened to me. There were 20 liked names, 5 of which were mine yet I saw the prize money split between two namers that had 1 liked name each. This baffled me as to how SH decides. And well, now I know its random. Im happy for those who won but it sure took the zip out of wanting to try harder to get more likes. I was in error thinking thats how it works. Its random at that point. Anyhow, hope that helps! Good luck…

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