Do you use categories for your entries?

Do you use the drop down where you can select a category, like serious, witty, abstract, etc? I have used them occasionally (particularly with things I think are clever, because irl it seems a lot of people don’t get my sense of humor) but I’ve been wondering if any of you actually feel that this is helpful.

Also, I’m pretty new, so Hi! I joined this mostly for fun but now I’m so impressed with all the creative names and feel slightly out of place. It’s still fun, though. :slight_smile:

I never use it…I feel if I put “humorous” and that’s not what they want, they won’t even look, so I just leave it open to their interpretation w/o a label. I am tired of labels.


Hi and welcome to our big family.

You know, I was using this option until today. But after reading your post, I thought to myself fo a moment and made my conclusion that it probably makes no sense to select any category=))

I agree with @jackieheraty - CH either likes (loves) your idea or not…

Enjoy your staying at SquadHelp=))


I had been using it, but stopped using it recently, especially after reading @jackieheraty’s response. I do still find myself automatically going to it and starting to label it before I catch myself. Hard habit to break. I like the idea of not giving it a label and letting the CH determine what they feel about it without my having labeled it already.

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… and here I thought it was a requirement. Duh.