Do you ever wonder

Do you ever wonder if when a ch doesnt find a name they just pick the first one they see- Im wondering because sometimes the names are not bought and they dont seem to bear any relation to what was asked for.
It seems to be the only logical explanation - that they didnt find what they want and just chose anything

From my experience working with clients to develop marketing copy, I feel like I have some possible explanations as to why the winners don’t always match up with the brief.

  1. They are not always good at articulating what they want. With very small/one-person businesses, their writing skills might even be very limited. (There’s a reason they’re looking for creatives.)

  2. The person who writes the brief may not be the only person weighing in on the names. (The person writing the brief might not even be the person picking the name, period.) Maybe when they can’t decide, they get Betty from Accounting—or their own Grandma—to give an opinion.

  3. Descriptions of wants can be entirely subjective. A CH may ask for something “wild and off the wall” or “outside the box” and end up picking Heritage Construction Company as a winner. Why? He’s the kind of guy who thinks mustard is too spicy. For him, that’s a unique name. (Compared to Jones Construction Company, I guess.)

  4. They didn’t realize what they wanted until they saw it.

  5. They have bad taste—it happens. Ever looked around town and spotted a business with a name you think is dumb? For that business owner, it was their perfect name.

  6. You’re just on very different wavelengths.

Note: I just discovered that my number of edits is announced to the public. I’m embarrassed to have been so nitpicky.


yes I actually knew all that , but I was wondering more why they dont buy the names they choose but choose something that wasnt even trending and wasnt even what they asked for.\sometimes its even something they specifically asked us not to enter

Sometimes you go to the store determined to get a pair of khaki pants, and you leave with a purple shirt and a pair of socks with hamburgers all over them.

(As to “something they specifically asked us not enter,” I feel like that’s covered in some of the points above. Also, I thought of another one, and I added it.)

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You’re right, on all of that. And my addendum to #3 is that words that we might see as part of a lot of contest winners might look unique to that contest holder or someone not experienced with naming. And some CHs swoon over really clever names, but when they make the actual selection, want something simple and easily spelled.

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