Do the Contest Holder really care about Creativity For logo ? or want OVERUSED LOGO CONCEPTS with minor twist?


Dear Creative Friends,

I am working in SH since 2012, I have seen almost every Logo contest held in SH. I participate the contest what suits me best. I never won so many contest, (only 7). For the Past year working regularly on SH, Still no luck.
What should I do? For me I am creative person I designed logo the most unique way (I think) Strictly following the Brief.But when the winner is announced it mostly shocked me, I am not saying that every contest I should win, but the outcome of contest is not always satisfied me.

I am also talking about other Designer who put lot of effort on design, yet they are rejected. That work and time goes unpaid, unappreciated and mostly (as I feel) they feel depressed after hours of work,
from brainstorming to execute the idea it takes so much time.

Do the Contest Holder Really care about Creativity ??
How can Creative logo concept survive over OVERUSED logo concept or Generic logos??

I am thinking to leave SH.(I know I am just like other designer nothing important) Mostly my work is unpaid. Everyone need money to survive.

In my opinion CH never care about creative Idea and Hard work behind it.
I request SH to do something about Designers Here. At least they can enjoy there work here.

I Don’t know If I am able to express my Feeling, sorry for that.

Thanks for beautiful community …


Well I understand how you feel @Junaid_Khan

Sometimes when I see what wins, I am like??? but it’s alright because I have gotten used to it…Sometimes a CH would be communicating with you to change this and that, to change this color, background and all, even tell you that your design is what he wants, in fact completely stress you and make you think you have got the win only for him/her to choose another creative who he didn’t even bother and clearly the design is not as good/fine as yours. It is frustrating but it’s all part of the fun… I have seen a logo that won and was re used by another creative to win another logo contest and he still reused the same logo to win another one, all he did was just change color, am like what??? Aren’t SH seeing all these??? But sometimes I feel “what the CH wants is WHAT the CH wants” so no questions asked…

If you used the “Google” logo or “Facebook” logo design as yours and the CH likes it and chooses it, well it’s no one’s business…Sometimes you enter a logo contest which just lauched like maybe an hour or two ago and see a creative who has already submitted 8-12 or more entries already, HOW??? did you design 8-12 different designs in that short time??? Did your brainstorm, draw, think and all??? Oh wait, NO, Just go online and take icons and change name…I am not against it though because going online and researching and reconfiguring sometimes is called creativity, no man’s an island…But sometimes they DON’T change anything, just reuse it…

So Junaid_Khan, I have been in SH for almost 2 years now and have been designing for over 3 years and I have got to say it’s fun, frustrating and exciting… Big thumbs up to the bigger logo designers with great creativity who wins, I won’t mention names but we all know them…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


That is so true. But when you got nothing for great things, that hurts. :cry:


My goodness,have you stolen my private journal? Cuz these are the same thoughts I am struggling with since I ve gotten into logo design, since like…months ago. I know, not much, but in this time I ve been through a lot. Its a lot to tell and rant about, but I limit myself by just saying…you are absolutely right.


Anyone who is genuine designer/Creative would feel same, Because we give lot of time for new Idea and when Generic logo wins the contest it hurt us and our creativity and our confidence. :pensive:


My honest opinion is that SH is not suitable platform for logo design contests. You can try 99designs or other platforms specialized in logo design.

I think SH should only focus on naming contests.


I am a namer/marketplace person on SH, but I ran a logo design contest for my consulting business. ALL I wanted was creative designs. I laid it all out, to the letter, what I was looking for. There were several designers who read my brief and kept giving us exactly what we asked for. We were so thrilled. We did get many, many designs that were not in the realm of what we wanted at all, not using the colors we wanted, corporate looking, not incorporating any of the concepts we asked for. I do think that CHs are sometimes just swayed by what they see and go in a different direction than it seemed they would go.

Mostly, I just wanted to tell you that I came to SH for a CREATIVE, fresh, uplifting, COLORFUL logo and we got many and chose the one that best fit with what we were doing with our new branding.

My recommendation to you is to choose your contests more carefully. Look for those that align with your creativity. If I had gotten ALL corporate-style logos, I would have been extremely disappointed.


I am 100 % agree with you but when CH chooses what already in market then its not good for them because they don’t know its generic design. Contest Lost its meaning then. :roll_eyes:


I disagree with you… Other platforms are more saturated with hundreds of designers, I am not in the mood to compete with hundreds of people and possible win a contest like once a year, NOPE sorry… Here is best for me even though sometimes it gets frustrating with what wins.


I loved your contest even though I didn’t participate in it…You were so active with the creatives and giving guidelines unlike some other CHs… I couldn’t participate in yours because I didn’t dully understand your brief and then there were some good creatives already in Love it & Like it categories so I just thought to let it go…The design you chose was wonderful and is something you wouldn’t see if you googled it…


An org I worked with ran a logo contest on one of those other sites. They chose a design that looked exactly like a hospital’s in the same state and they, to this day, have no idea. (They are a health org, too). I wasn’t involved so I didn’t say anything. Those other sites are very substandard.

And on my contest, I understand. It was probably because of some very “American” type of lingo we used about who we are.

But I will suggest this to you: I noticed that logo designers never ask questions or write anything on the public messages. Before I started my contest, I went through several other logo design contests to see. And, it is clear that people asking for logos often give you very little information to spur some creativity. You should ask more questions in these cases. And then, like many of us do on naming contests, submit very different types of logos: conservative vs. colorful, etc.


Submitting different types of logo isn’t the same as submitting different types of name…There is thinking of a logo, designing a logo, packaging a logo and branding a logo.

It can literally take you like 1-2 seconds to come up with a name, I have won a contest like that but even if you come up with a logo idea in 1-2 seconds, it deosn’t take you that time to design it, it takes way more unlike naming where I just have to submit and put up a comment to explain the name, It’s in NO way like naming.

Most and not all Logo contest CHs don’t respond to questions asked, they would rather reply you in one of your entries asking you for this or that changes or try this or try that…

I am actually very happy about the domain logo designing which has been a smooth process…


Just note: I’ve done logos and naming. I’ve taken less time to come up with a logo and do it than a name or two sometimes. Please don’t assume for everyone. Your point may be valid for some but not others.

Also, a lot of CHs for naming contests also don’t respond to questions.

I feel it’s important that these back and foth assumptions be dropped because assumptions can only make the problem worse. Only reason why I am pointing these things out.


I am not assuming, it’s fact… Coming up with a logo is different from DESIGNING a logo…I emphasised on that…The stress in designing and packaging a logo if far different from just submitting a name, ask anyone.

“Also, a lot of CHs for naming contests also don’t respond to questions.” This is true too, been in many of that.


With all due respect, it’s taken me six hours before to come up with two very appropriate names and why I would like to use them. So, again, this does not and will not apply to everyone. Not everyone is the type to throw ideas at the wall and to see which sticks when it comes to naming. Also, I’ve been able to do two logos (i.e. read as DESIGN – because I would hope most that are taking things seriously are DESIGNING and not just la-dee-da-ing their way through it) in two to three hours before – in comparison. The thought process for coming up with a name, researching it, then making sure it is available and doing independent for personal reason trademark checks … for those that actually take it seriously … is no different than those that conceptualize and create logos. Just because you experience it as differently does not make it a ‘fact’.

Either way, this is not nor was ever meant to be an arguement, I agree and always have that some designers here deserve more credit. But I also believe that some namers here deserve some more credit as well. I am not, however, going to go along with the ideology that one is easier for the other for anyone that takes either seriously and actually does the work and is not just here to make a quick buck.


Wow, that’s very rude thing to say about people who contribute to this platform in naming contests. My wife is graphic designer and I know the entire process of creating a logo, so I know it’s a lot of work. You obviously know nothing about the process of creating a good company, product or brand name. Yes, it takes 1-2 seconds to type it in, but it takes hours to do research, trademark research, domain research… There are people who just type random words suggested in contest brief, that’s not naming, that’s playing lottery with little to no chances of winning. There are also designers that submit generic logos that take 1-2 minutes (ask anyone) to complete.