Do rules of Suspension apply to every one?

Comment removed . As I got reply back from sh that was satisfactory. In the future I will direct questions via blue button.

Details of such matters usually cannot be shared. I am sure that SH has taken the appropriate measures to handle this issue and such matters should probably not be discussed on the forum. However, if you need help or have specific questions regarding such issues, you may want to take it up with SH directly and I am sure they will try to help you.


Just playing devil’s advocate because the weekend is almost here.

If details of such matters can’t be shared, then how can you be sure appropriate measures have been taken?

Should decisions made behind closed doors be considered fair and just?

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[quote=“Chasity2ku, post:4, topic:2361”]
Unfortunately you’ll never know if action was taken…[/quote]
Take it from me, if your winning name is remotely close to one that was mentioned by the CH in the Brief, you will be dealt with! :grimacing: - :anguished:


Thx RW
That I shall do…I intentionally left details out will be sending details to sh.

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As a means to provide something positive, I wanted to tell others that when you are in doubt about a name submission, you can ask the team if your name is too close by using the blue button before you enter it. SH’s team is really great about this. Everyone has been in the position where they might be faced with a decision like this.

Also along the positive line, I know that SH does take action and that they contact the CH to ask them to choose another winner. The fact that you see the winning name in the winners list is simply because those are curated automatically. In other words, just because it’s there, doesn’t mean it is settled. That’s why someone might feel like the rules don’t apply to everyone, when in fact they do.

SH doesn’t share with everyone on this so as not to embarrass the contestant. However, if you are involved personally in the situation, they will tell you it was handled according to the rules. Sometimes, you do know more because your name might be the “second” name chosen and SH lets you know that your name was selected due to an issue.

I feel that SH is not “making decisions behind closed doors.” They have policies and they follow them and they don’t advertise the outcome to publicly shame anyone.


I was referring to winners we see on the winner board, which is after 3 days. I’m sorry you are upset. I feel SH does their best.

Mary, I also wanted to be clear that what I mean is there have been many exact names mentioned in briefs that have appeared as winners on the winner board. And that when we creatives see those, we don’t see the corrections so it can appear that it hasn’t been addressed when it has.

Ok. .Thank you for helping me understand. I know sh does a great job of handling these issues. I was curious and a bit stung bc I have experienced this issue myself. I feel confident that it will be addressed as my own experience was. Maybe my reaction was a Friday the 13th glitch lol. With that being said I’ve just learnt a value lesson “USE THE BLUE BUTTON IN THE FUTURE!!”

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You know, you may have something there, some days it does seem like we are all playing ‘The Name is Right’, aka, ‘The Price is Right’.

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I don’t doubt for a second that they’d take action (like I said in my full comment) but we still wouldn’t know about it for obvious reasons.

Yes they do take aaction on these reports as mentioned I know from my own experience. On the other hand if the situation is not sent to sh they may not ever know? I would think monitoring every single contest for whatever reason would be a ginormous task.


We investigate all issues reported to us. And often things are not as black and white as they might seem - such as, if a CH posts a message after reviewing a Creative’s entry and reveals their entry on the public message board (which is of course a violation of our policies), it would look to other Creatives like the contest winner used a name supplied by the CH (which is against our polices).

I would also like to clearly state that it would be absolutely inappropriate for us to publicly discuss policy violations and the actions that we take regarding individual Creatives and Contest Holders.


Thank you so much, Grant, for posting this.

A similar situation happened to me recently in a contest I won. The CH revealed my name in message after I submitted it. Sometimes things aren’t as they appear and I have been posting here in the forum very recently that CHs seem to be revealing names a lot lately and asking creatives to be sure to report them. I felt bad for one contestant not long ago who had the only love in the contest and the name was revealed in a message (which I reported).

I never submit names that the CH has put in a brief or message. There are times when a CH mentions a name in a brief or post and I look to see if it is available. Most of the time, I see that the name was submitted to the contest or not available (because I want to know, not because I plan to sub). Other times I have tried to think of a similar alternative and I’ve also asked SH if it is OK at times.

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