Do I need to star a high ranked name?

When a contest holder doesn’t choose a winner and Squadhelp must choose instead, they ask you to star your best entry for consideration. My question is if my name was already ranked high by the CS do I still need to spend the 50 points to star my entry? There is a contest that will probably reach the four week limit soon and it had no five stars and only 4 four stars, one which was mine. Do I still need to star that entry if the choice goes to Squadhelp?


@emm000 Good question. I’ve had to think about that too. I guess It’s harder to make that call if a contestant’s points are scarce. I wonder what is the order that’s used in SH’s selection process, ratings first or best entries? I think it should be ratings first.


They said they will use 4 and 5 star ratings (so you don’t need to star them) and the “best entry” options to choose from.
If there is only one 5 star entry, i believe they said it would win. But if there are more than one, then the 4, 5 and best entries are in the running and they choose what they deem best.