Do CHs still see Best Entries?

Hi @Dan,

How does using Best Entry selection work on the CHs side? Do they still see starred entries? How are they notified? Or is the Best Entry feature scrapped altogether now? I see we are still capable of marking them, so I was just wondering. Thanks.

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I did request to take it off - thinking it was useless now!!!

I did best entry accidently in one contest - lost my points!!!

@kreativekim, yes, the CH still see best entries. They see an asterisk (*) icon next to the entry to highlight the fact that it has been marked as a best entry by the creative.

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Thanks for the reply Dan.

@dan just curious if best entries are hidden as well when rated a “no thank you”? I would imagine so…just curious tho…

Kreative , if I have a name I completely love I will best entry it while the contest is still going on. Just letting the CH know that there was a lot of thought into that entry.

Okay, yeah I haven’t really been doing that but today I figured, why not? My points aren’t being used for anything else so might as well!

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@Chasity2ku, If a CH gives a “No Thank you” rating, the entry is automatically hidden even if it was marked Best Entry. They have the option to see all “No Thank You” entries by reselecting the filter.

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Hello! I don’t know if this has been asked before but i’d like to know if ‘‘best entries’’ matters to SH in choosing a winner for abandoned contest? Thanks and regards.

It used to, but SH no longer uses Best Entries to decide a winner for abandoned contests. It is now a random selection solely based on a entry ratings.

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