Discounted Squadhelp Coins, Renewal Preferences and other updates


@grant i feel that the Squadhelp marketplace submission review process is really slower than before, did this happen because Squadhelp prioritize those who submit with squadhelp coins? Thank you.

Also i hope in the future we can use squadhelp coins for unregistered domains also, whether as squadhelp owned domains or creative owned domains. I mean to lower the cost, 100 domains can cost $799, meanwhile not all domains will be accepted, so better to submit first, in case domain accepted, then creative or squadhelp can register it ( depend on what creative preferences) thank you again.



They were open and said that many of these new implementations were designed to slow down the submission of domains because they were receiving too many to cope with. I’m sure they still had a backlog to go through and hopefully things will improve over time.


Once we buy a lifestyle image, how long can we expect to wait until it is added? I purchased one with coins I think over two weeks ago and it is still pending.


It is really discouraging to purchase a lifestyle image with coins and have to wait 4-5 weeks for it to be uploaded. If this wait time is going to be standard, that should be stated upfront.


Squadhelp, I wanted to let you know that I set my preference to pay $10 on my whole account but I still got “set renewal preferences” on individual names. Just a little issue.


I purchased 2 just to see how it went, one was added fairly quickly, the other had been almost a month. I blue buttoned it and it was added within a day.


Hello @grant Grant i hope we can use our coins to submit unregistered domains also for faster review either as squadhelp owned domains or creative owned domains. Because its not easy for myself or maybe for other creatives to register hundred of domains, then only few domains get accepted, thats too much risk to handle. Thank you for consideration.


@fxpreneur Can you please elaborate further?

You are currently allowed to submit unregistered domains to the Marketplace, so you can only register them if they are approved. This feature is available with coins. Are you looking for something else?


@grant, Yes can use coins for unregistered domains, but they are limited to 15 submission only, while unlimited if use coins to submit creative owned domains ( mean we registered the domains first).
I hope this unlimited feature also available for unregistered domains.