Discounted Squadhelp Coins, Renewal Preferences and other updates


We are pleased to announce several more improvements to our platform:

1. 50% Discount on Coins with Points

You can now use your points to get a 50% discount on Squadhelp coins purchase. As an alternative to paying $1 per coin, you can use 100 points and pay 50 cents per coin.

2. Marketplace Domain Boost Options

We have reduced the point requirement for standard boost to 500 points (previously 1000 points) and super boost to 2000 points (previously 2500 points). In addition, you can now use your Squadhelp Coins to boost your domains as well (1 Coin for standard boost, and 4 coins for Super boost)

3. Lifestyle Image for Domains

Squadhelp team automatically selects certain domains to create Lifestyle images for those domains. These lifestyle images can not only make the domain more attractive, these images are also used in certain advertising campaigns on platform such as Facebook.

Several creatives have asked us how they can get these lifestyle images for their domains. You can now use Squadhelp coins to request Lifestyle images for your domains. This option is available directly from your Marketplace Listings page.

4. Renewal Preference for Squadhelp Registered Domains

Previously you were required to set a renewal preference for Squadhelp registered domains individually before your renewal date. You can now set your preference at an account level (from your Marketplace Preferences page). This way, you do not need to remember to set your preference for individual domains prior to renewal. You still have the ability to override these preferences for certain domains by selecting the renewal option from your Marketplace Listings page


Is it just me or is the market place getting very complicated ???


So SH makes creatives pay 110% of the renewal rate on SH registered names, but we get a mere 25% commission on a sale?? Robbery!




With all of this and that, i think its a good idea to increase the commission for creative who choose to renew the squadhelp owned domains. Since Squadhelp commission for creative owned domains is 35%, i think its fair enough to increase the commission till 30 - 35% in case creative who pay the renewal fee, because when we choose not to pay the renewal fee, then the commission drop
Thank u


Nice changes, but, yeah, things might get a bit too complex, especially for some new user accustomed with other marketplaces.


Also why creative need to pay with Squadhelp coins in order to add lifestyle image to Squadhelp owned domains ?

Adding a Lifestyle image can improve the exposure of the domain because it gets included in special advertising campaigns that use Lifestyle Image, but it requires 4 squadhelp coins, so we creative who have to pay for it ?


I admit, I don’t understand the coin stuff but that’s ok, it’s not my top priority.
I have a question though about the amount of money per contests that seems to have dropped significantly. For a long time we have seen them go from $50, yes I was here then, to a nice constant $300. Now, almost all of them are going for only $100.
Is this to draw in clients in hopes they will be attracted to the lower cost and then buy a name out of marketplace? This is a sincere question not a rant.
If so, I hope SH remembers that many of us choose not to put domains in marketplace and still want to enter contests for a decent amount of winnings.
Granted, I still have not won a single contest in over a year I still have hopes. ?And if I finally get one I sure hope it’s more than $100.


@LorinsEggshells I have also noticed the large number of $100 contests as well. It seems that SH is spending so much time and focus on the marketplace that they seem to have let the original naming concept fall to the wayside. Is it less advertising for naming? Too much spent to attract marketplace sales? Too much to attract more domainers to add their names to the marketplace? All updates are only focused on that. Can we try and improve the naming side? Can we add tools to help the namers? Every contest is set up as default to “accept” marketplace premium domains, yet the majority of the CH’s keep saying they are not interested. It doesn’t seem like they have the option proposed to them whether to “check” if they will accept or not. Now creatives have to keep asking on comment boards if they will accept or not. How hard would it be to add the option choice so it is clearly marked on every brief? It also seems like the abandoned contests are going longer and longer out. Does SH not have time to attend to these because the focus is on marketplace changes? It just seems like the naming side is a second thought now.


From what I know, accepting premium domains is checked by default and contest holders have the option to uncheck that. Probably some don’t read all the faq’s to understand what ‘‘premium’’ means in this context? Just a guess.


@grant My question is about lifestyle images. I did check SH’s twitter and Facebook accounts. You do advertise domains ONLY with lifestyle images there. But, the likes (or retweets or any interaction) on those posts are abysmal. Mostly 1 or 2 likes, sometimes 0. Now, I see no point in buying coins for Lifestyle images. Let us know how do we go about this?. Thanks & Much Appreciated.


@LorinsEggshells @jackieheraty

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I would like to address this directly. While I can not go into too much detail about our advertising strategy, I would like to clarify few things:

The goal for majority of our advertising is to find people who might be interested in naming, and bring them to our website. In most cases the customers do not know exactly how they plan to find a name (e.g. run a naming contest, or buy a domain from marketplace). They are simply looking for help with coming up with a great name. Therefore, most of our advertising is done a way that the customers see both our offerings (contests as well as marketplace) when they land on our website. Ultimately it is their choice based upon what features they are looking for.

Many customers explore the marketplace first, before they decide to launch a contest. Of course, with 20,000+ names in the Marketplace, it is likely that many customers do end up finding a great name in the Marketplace. This is an expected human behavior - if you can find something from a collection of names that are already available, you will likely purchase that (if you can afford it), instead of running a competition and taking a chance that you may find a great name.

Having said that, a large number of companies and startups still prefer to go down the contest path because they have very unique or specific requirements which can not be fulfilled by readymade names. The brainstorming and validation tools available in the contest process makes it an extremely attractive option for many companies. Therefore, we expect that the contests will continue to be an integral aspect of our platform.

As our platform is evolving, we do think that those creatives who balance their time between contests and marketplace, will likely be more successful over time. If you have great names that you have previously submitted to contests, we do recommend listing them in the Marketplace (of course, SH is not the only option - you can register and list them in other marketplaces as well). You have already invested the time and effort in thinking about good names - therefore, it is a sound strategy to find ways to monetize that effort.

Regarding the platform focus and improvements - it is correct to point out that we are indeed investing relatively more efforts currently in building out our marketplace. This is because Marketplace is a relatively new offering compared to contests. We have continued to build features and improvements in the contest process over the last several years - however, since the Marketplace is relatively new, it is now going through a similar cycle of rapid feature development that we saw in the contests.

This does not mean that we are no longer investing in contests. We are getting ready to launch a new UX experience for the launch contest process that we have been working on for last several months. This will provide a much cleaner interface and experience for customers who are looking to launch naming contests. Similarly, we are working on several areas that will drive even more successful outcomes in contests (and reduction in abandoned contests) - one such area of investment is the training of creatives (especially new creatives) in the area of naming and branding.

Please continue to share your feedback in the forum, or directly with our team - so that we can continue to improve. We do read all the feedback, and that feedback directly informs our product strategy and roadmap.


Thanks @Darpan It is good to hear that there are improvements coming to the naming side of SH again. This has been much needed for some time. I look forward to seeing these improvements and the aim to reduce abandoned contests as well.


@Nick You might be referring to the organic posts in our Social media channels. Most social media channels offer extremely limited exposure to organic posts these days - the only meaningful way to reach a much larger number of customers is via paid marketing.

We currently run hundreds of paid marketing campaigns across various channels including Google, Facebook, and many other display platforms. Therefore, while you may be seeing limited amount of interactions on the organic posts, we rely on paid marketing to get most leads and potential customers to our platform.

Within paid advertising, we run different types of campaigns with different ad formats . For the domains which also have a lifestyle image, they get included in few additional advertising campaigns that are setup to use those images.


@fxpreneur SH automatically selects several domains for creation of Lifestyle images at no extra cost. Unfortunately we are unable to do this for all domains due to limited resources.

Many creatives have reached out to us and asked if some of their specific domains can also receive lifestyle images. The Squadhelp coins option allows for that to happen.


I hope theres possibility to use squadhelp coins for unregistered domains ( either squadhelp owned domains or creative owned domains ), but let the previous rule ( -10 points for squadhelp owned domains submission and -50 points for creative owned domains submission ). So, these squadhelp coins work as booster just, so creative can submit more ideas ( unregistered domains )

thank u


@grant Thanks for that detailed explanation! :slight_smile:


@Darpan Thank you Darpan, and so good to see you.
I appreciate your well put answers to my questions and a clear explanation. I cannot wait to see the new improvements to the contest side of things, that sounds very promising. You have put in a lot of work on Squadhelp over the years and it is fast becoming the “go to” place for names. Congratulations on that.
Let’s see what today brings us and I hope it’s nothing but good. :sunflower:


Are lifestyle images seen if someone clicks on our name in the SH marketplace, or are they only used for external marketing?


I would like to suggest that if there is money balance in my SH account then why would i have to purchase coins using cards/paypal. It will make sense to provide option to deduct the amount if available from the balance.