Discount Period

It would be great if we can specify a period for the manual discounts we add on domains, currently it is limited to only 1 day.

I would like to add discount for longer period for example like 1 week which would be perfect for Black Friday sales period.

For simplicity this can be done in options like: 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month (max)


@grant can you please look at this suggestion of addiing the ability to specify the discount perdiod?

1 day is very short period, it will be great if we can specify longer period. Yesterday I applied discounts to many domains, but 4 hours later the discount was gone I think because I applied the discount 4 hours before midnight.

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@Deepblue All discounts reset on Mondays, if you had added them any other day they would have been active longer, seven days max.


Just checked and that is true! I thought the discount is only for 1 day lol


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More feedback on discount.

If we apply discounts by % then the ‘discount filter’ should also work according to %. Currently, the code throws up all ultra premium domains discounted by amount. Most end users are not looking for that when they sort by discount. Have a look @grant

Also, discount has always been a % thing since everyone’s high school.